December 2014

Not long to look for free but but it’s free

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Every day until Christmas, Mocavo is unlocking a new decade of US census images. Once a decade is unlocked, all community members will be able to access the images through the Mocavo Census Viewer for free. The following decades have already been unlocked: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840.

On December 24th, all community members will enjoy completely unrestricted access to all Mocavo census images and the Mocavo Census Viewer for one special day.

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Two new software releases in the last few days and claims by My Heritage of a new finding aid that can find your family once you enter at least 7 of your immediate  ancestors.

Both Roots Magic and Family Historian now have the ability to search directly with My Heritage. Not really known as a source of records My Heritage claim Billions of records to search. I just hope they are not talking of linking to their matching system, which in my opinion is not furthering Family History, but could turn into a huge mess that will take years to sort between what is true and what some of it’s members have matched without checking sources, in fact the majority of matches I have been offered in the past, have themselves been matches from someone else. We then get into a spiral downwards into a morass of trying to find what is true and what is someones chance to make another leap into the dark.

Another instance recently with a tree on Family Search, with no sources to link one generation to the next, someone picked out of the ether because he had a name that was right, With one of the most common names John, I hate to think how many John’s existed at that particular moment in time. Without sources or an explanation of how you came to the conclusion that this must be the person, we are getting results that would be the in the realms of the brothers Grimm