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2 Responses to “The Featherstone Society”

  1. Angela O'Callaghan Says:

    Hi, My name is Angela O’Callaghan (nee Featherstone) and Im from NZ. I did not realise how many Featherstone’s there were until i just found out that my dad who immigrated here in 1949 had a previous marriage that we didnt know about until now. Are you able to trace people through this site???? It also turns out that I have a half brother out there somewhere who was born in 1943, so it would be good to find out if hes still around or where he might be.

    Fathers name: James Frederick Featherstone born 25 Nov 1921 in London
    married Annie Mellors from Greasley Nottinghamshire in March 1942 and John Frederick Featherstone was born in Eastwood on 15 October 1943.

    Any information on Annie or John would be greatly appreciated.


    1. feathgen Says:

      Not sure this is appropriate for this site I have replied to the submitter via e mail

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